About Us

Committed to providing customers with innovative, smart and affordable mobility taxi and fleet technology solutions

MTI is a global provider of mobility technology solutions, vehicle dispatch and payment platforms that streamline taxi fleets and other paid personal transport business operations.

MTI technology and know-how powers some of the world’s largest taxi fleets, with open architecture, high update, enterprise-grade technology and simple apps to suit operators, Drivers and Passengers.

Industry innovator

MTI is passionate about working alongside customers to develop industry-specific business solutions for all-sized fleets worldwide. We make running your business easier, from the taxi door to back-office administration.

Delivering transport business solutions

MTI focuses on delivering cost savings, increasing owner, operator and Driver revenue and efficiency, improving the Passenger experience and streamlining compliance processes.

Full control of intellectual property

MTI’s experienced team of in-house engineers, developers, and technicians have complete control over the product suite. With fully integrated, cloud-based product solutions, MTI can quickly and efficiently respond to customer’s needs.

Ensuring quality and reliability

Our mission is to provide our customers with the right solutions to maximise the performance, reliability and profitability of their fleets. With our hardware and software engineered to the highest standard, we ensure that our customers receive an optimum service, which is then passed onto Drivers and Passengers.

An industry focused world leader

As an established global mobility transport market leader, MTI has operations in Australia, Europe, and North America. MTI’s product suite and package offering ensures customers can access the best solution for their fleet size, budget and needs.

Global growth

Established in 2004 and acquired by a2b in 2017, MTI has global operations in Australia, Europe, and North America.


Solutions for your fleet

With Passengers expecting a frictionless booking, ride and payment experience and Drivers looking to maximise income, MTI’s solutions are designed to simplify end-to-end operations, reduce administration and free up your team for other tasks.

International Offices

Established as global mobility transport platform market leader with a reputation built on quality, innovation and reliability, MTI is used by leading taxi companies in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

North America

An industry leader creating intuitive and innovative dispatch and booking solutions, MTI has an established presence in North America.

USA: 38 Cities 

CAN: 8 Cities 


MTI has expanded its international representation into Europe, and its presence continues to grow rapidly.

UK: 10 Cities 

EU: 11 Cities

Australia & New Zealand

With a 95% share of the Australian market, MTI has become an industry leader in advanced dispatch solutions.

AUS: 59 Cities 

NZ: 15 Cities 

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