Driver App

Intuitive, user-friendly and always connected


Improve your Driver experience with the MTI Driver app

Our purpose-built app makes the Driver’s shift easier. Compatible with smartphones and tablets, the MTI app works with the Driver to maximise their productivity.

The innovatively designed Driver app has an intuitive interface that improves the Driver’s experience. Operating on tablets and smartphones, flexibility and cost savings are at its core. The app has an open platform with endless possibilities and can be simply installed into your fleet’s vehicles.


Navigation, Traffic & Maps

The Driver app enables real-time GPS with map plotting, area statistics, dispatch and trip navigation. Drivers can easily switch between trip information and the navigation screen.


Two-Way Communication

The Driver app allows operators and Drivers to communicate safely and efficiently using two-way messaging. A quick response feature is also in place, allowing the Driver to respond by tapping a pre-defined answer.


Passenger Ratings

Passengers can provide feedback using the integrated post-job Passenger rating system, which includes the option to provide ratings and comments.

Taxi and mobility transport fleet owners and operators can monitor and act on Driver performance.